A parent of a toddler spends approximately half of his time teaching a child the distinction between food (not for playing) and toys (not for eating, especially when they are the choke-hazard kind). Now, a most diabolical joint venture contributes a new traverse to the gauntlet of parenting. Read about choking children below the jump…

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The guilt I carry with me for not immediately sending back my child’s collection of Thomas the Tank Engine toys to replace them with unleaded versions is slightly assuaged. Had I separated my son from his most prized possessions for six to eight weeks, I would have received replacements and an additional free gift of Toad (pictured), Oliver’s trusty brakevan. Then, I would have received this:

Unfortunately, the discovery that certain Toad vehicles could be potentially unsafe was made in August, after Toads had been sent as bonus gifts to some families.

Yup. The recall now includes the gifts for the original recall. RC2 has invented the pyramid scheme in reverse. (via Consumerist)