Rutgers won its first ever bowl game!

Not that football success is new to Rutgers. After all, Rutgers topped Princeton six to four in the first ever collegiate football game.

Yes, Rutgers.

Tony Soprano

You got a problem wittat?

It seems that a favorite restaurant of mine from grad school, Old Bay, is joining in the anti-French hysteria, pouring French wines into the toilet and vowing never to serve them again.

It is unclear whether owner Anthony Tola is sincere in his xenophobic fervor, or just enjoying the cheap publicity ($1100 of wine total? Really?) that comes with such stunts, but it is sad to see this at the very place I celebrated my dissertation defense.

UPDATE: From the Rutgers Targum, Old Bay is now being boycotted because it is “reinforcing the fear non-Americans have that Americans have absolutely no tolerance for people who don’t think exactly how we think.” What comes around …

UPDATE: Old Bay’s wine list (term used loosely) now has several champagnes from, err, Champagne. That’s in France. Never say never, again. Come to think of it, in my many visits to Old Bay in the late 90’s, I never had a bottle of wine. We came for the beer and the beer garden. We certainly did not come for the cheesy “we’re just like New Orleans because we have beads” thing, though.

UPDATE (11 October 2007): Old Bay apparently agrees with me that the New Orleans gimmick is poorly executed, as their wine list now features this heading:

Old Bay

Infamous New Orleans cuisine? In the words of Inigo Montoya, I do not think that word means what you think it means.