Some time ago, I emailed my state representatives asking for their positions on interstate wine sales. I received a letter from State Senator Douglas Henry in response. I wasn’t expecting much, since the Senator receives substantial contributions from the liquor wholesalers cabal. As anticipated, with his donations, the Senator also apparently received the industry’s standard talking points, which are easily dismissed.

That, however, was not the disturbing part of the letter.

The last line of the letter reads:

Mrs. Henry and I enjoy wines, as you do.

The presumption, of course, is that no one would advocate legislation unless he or she has a direct, personal stake in it. My letter to the senator identified me only as an economist and a voter. I also have opinions about the death penalty, our inaction in Sudan, and policy governing media mergers, but expect none of them to impact me directly.

I am curious how the last sentence of Senator Henry’s position letter on gay marriage would read.

2 Responses to “State senator enjoys wines, as I do”

  1. LOL. The last sentence (of your post) is priceless!

    • for the record, you cnonat declare yourself a true wisconsinite until you keep beer on your porch and your sconnie husband should know that!although, it’s getting to be that time when you should pull it inside and put it all in the extra beer fridge in the basement. oh you don’t have one of those? in the garage fridge perhaps? no fridge there either? oh boy you gotta get that!

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